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Our Staff


Principal: Mr. Harlow

Office Manager: Mrs. Acosta

Librarian, Technology Director: Miss Mary

Behavior Intervention Specialist: Miss Becki

Academic Intervention Specialist: Miss Molly

PYP IB Coordinator: Miss Taylor

MYP IB Coordinator: Mrs. Colby

Middle School Behavior Specialist: Miss Alyssa

Learning Resource Teacher: Mr. Loss

Special Programs IA: Mrs. Shirinkina

Special Programs IA: Lynn Methvin

Special Programs IA: Jose Sanchez-Romero

Special Programs IA: Debbie Wearne

Classroom Support: Miss Anna


Kindergarten Teacher: Miss Jessie

Kindergarten IA: Miss Hannah

1st Grade Teachers: Miss Taylor & Mr. Pat

2nd Grade Teacher: Miss Amanda

3rd Grade Teacher: Mr. Seeger

4th Grade Teacher: Mrs. Maxwell

5th Grade Humanities Teacher: Mrs. Colby

5th Grade STEM Teacher: Miss Bolkan

6/7 STEM Teacher: 

6/7 Humanities Teacher: Mrs. Calvo

PE/Health Teacher: Mr. Miguel

Spanish Teacher: Mr. Ponce

Music Teacher: Mrs. Quinto

Custodian: Mr. Cody

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